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How to download YouTube Downloader

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You can download YouTube Downloader without paying a penny. You can find the button Download Now on the home page, click it to run the download process. Within some seconds the installation file of YouTube Downloader will be saved on your hard drive in the folder you specified.

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How to install YouTube Downloader

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YouTube Downloader is very easy to install on PC or laptop. Make sure you signed in the system as the administrator before you start the installation. Close all the other applications including your browser.

Recommended system requirements of SoundFrost:

  • CPU: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Free hard drive space: 69,7МВ
  • Internet access
  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8  (32-bit and 64-bit)

Using YouTube Downloader Setup Wizard you can install the program following the step-by-step instructions. To start with, open the folder with the installation file YouTubeDownloader.exe and double-click the icon. So you have launched the Setup Wizard.

Now, select the language of Setup Wizard and program interface (you can change it afterwards)

In the YouTube Downloader Setup Wizard welcome screen click the button Next to prepare everything for the installation.

YouTube Downloader License Agreement is the official document that regulates legal issues related to the program use. Carefully read all the items and click I Accept, to continue.

If you want to create a YouTube Downloader Desktop and Quick Launch icons, select the checkboxes in the dialog box. The installation process begins once you click the button Next. It may take some minutes.

Once the installation is finished, the YouTube Downloader dialog box automatically appears on your screen. The program official website will run in your browser. You are recommended to restart your computer.

Now you can download music at no cost, play songs online and share them with friends.

How to use YouTube Downloader

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You have installed a multi-purpose tool designed for music playback and download online - YouTube Downloader. Now you can enjoy your favorite music as well as share it with friends.


YouTube Downloader has Desktop and Quick Launch icons that allow you to launch the program in a wink. It is very convenient: just click one of these icons to open the main screen of YouTube Downloader. You can also run the program from the Start menu.

You can see the YouTube Downloader icon on the tray. Right-click it to open the shortcut menu:

  • FAQ
  • How to use
  • Register
  • About
  • Exit

Now you can see the main window of YouTube Downloader on your screen. This is your guide to the world of music.

Search for an audio track

Let’s take a closer look at YouTube Downloader and begins with search for audio files. For example, you would like to find some songs by popular artists. In this case you should type the artist name or the song title in the search bar located on the YouTube Downloader main window and click Search. You can find another search bar to the right of the control panel. The program shows you suggestions related to your query, so you can use these tips.

You can open multiple tabs using the button Open new tab and search for more than one song at a time.

Music download

You can see the musicsearch results by the specified query. YouTube Downloader can download several tracks at a time and meanwhile you can listen to music in another tab. In order to download a track in the MP3 format, just use your mouse cursor to drag it to the Downloads area at the lower part of the screen. Drag as many tracks as you need. Mind that the number of tracks you download affects the download speed.

You can use the shortcut menu by clicking the track with the right mouse key. Then select Download as and a format for your audio track. So you can combine download and conversion processes.

You will see a pop-up notification as soon as a file is downloaded. All the songs are saved in the selected destination folder. You can change this folder from the menu EditChange destination folder.

You can listen to the songs you downloaded with YouTube Downloader not only on your PC: transfer files to your MP3 –player, or smartphone, or tablet, or some other media worth mentioning that YouTube Downloader saves the native sound quality.

Online music playback

If you don’t have time or just don’t want to download music on the drive, you can listen to songs online. Unlike online radio, YouTube Downloader allows you to create your own playlist and select your favorite tracks.

We have mentioned how to find the desired song on the web. You can listen to all the tracks you’ve found in the program screen. Select a song with your mouse and click Play on the control panel. Or open the shortcut menu and click Play.

You can control the playback process using the control panel where you can find standard tools:

  • Play/Pause
  • Stop
  • Back
  • Previous file
  • Next file
  • Volume control
  • Info panel
  • Slider

Transfer to iTunes

If you listen to music in iTunes on PC, or you always carry your favorite songs in iPod or iPhone, use the option Transfer to iTunes. You can quickly and easily convert music to .AIFF or .MP3 formats. Right-click a track, select Transfer to iTunes in the shortcut menu and choose the format you need.


Found something interesting? Share this file with friends on social media! YouTube Downloader is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Once you select Share in the shortcut menu and choose a social network the record with the link to a song appears in your newsfeed.

Link to a file

Send a link to a song to your friends using the messenger. In the shortcut menu select Link to file and the link will be automatically copied to the clipboard. You can send it via email or in a text message. Once your friend clicks the link the YouTube Downloader web-interface opens in the browser window where they can play songs online.

Program shutdown

Before you turn off your computer, you should shut down YouTube Downloader: select Exit in the File menu. You can close the program using the shortcut menu clicking the YouTube Downloader icon on the tray.

How to uninstall YouTube Downloader

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If you are not satisfied with the YouTube Downloader quality for some reason, feel free to contact our client techsupport. We will be glad to have your thoughts on the software and take into consideration all your ideas concerning the program improvement.

It's a great pity you still want to uninstall YouTube Downloader.

In order to remove the program from your drive gracefully, open the installation folder of YouTube Downloader. The default directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\ YouTube Downloader. Find the file unins000.exe and double-click it.

Click ОК in the dialog box.

It will take some minutes to remove all the YouTube Downloader components. Once the process is over you will see a notification that the program has been successfully uninstalled from your computer. Click OK to close this window. Now you need to restart your computer.